Salon du Bourget : Conférences Air Liquide

Salon du Bourget : Conférences Air Liquide

Actualité | Mercredi 24 mai 2017 

Exchangers/reactors in Additive Manufacturing

With partners, Air Liquide has developed a new technology of exchangers and exchangers/reactors based on Additive Manufacturing.These equipments are intensified, compact for a better performance. The first industrial usage is for hydrogen production from methane. They also have applications in aeronautics, chemistry, petro-chemistry and energy.

Bruno Leprince-Ringuet, Director, Air Liquide Paris Saclay Research Center
Pascal Del Gallo, Research Group Manager, Air Liquide Paris Saclay Research Center

Visit us to understand and see how additive manufacturing allows new shapes for optimal heat transfer and how it can apply to your business. Our teams will also be available to explain how gases are key in the additive manufacturing process and to discuss about your challenges.


Cryogenic treatments of metal parts for Aeronautics in compliance with AMS 2750E standard.

Cryogenic treatments of hardened steels to temperature <-80°C are steadily gaining of importance for Aeronautic applications. Main benefits are now well established:
* Improvement of dimensional and structural stability by completing the transformation of the unstable retained austenite into martensite.
* Better hardness and strength by increasing the precipitation and distribution of finer carbides in the microstructure.

The presentation will focus on the required equipment and best practices from LIN supply, distribution systems up to cryogenic chambers for compliance with the AMS 2750E standard and safety requirements.

Speakers: Laurent Coudurier, Air Liquide Technology Center, Krefeld, Germany

Come to exchange about this specific treatment but also meet our experts for all our heat and surface treatment solutions (HIP, cold-spray, …) particularly important for aeronautics.


Eco-friendly parts cleaning with CO2 at supercritical phase with DFD machine.

High demanding industries are looking for alternatives to washing products, chlorine, petro-chemical … that are pollutant and dangerous. CO2 is known for having a good degreasing power. DFD machine uses pressurized CO2 reaching the critical phase to bring a perfect diffusion into pieces even with complex shape or in bulk, for a green and perfect cleaning.

Philippe GUILLAUME, Packaged Gases Product Manager

DFD sponsor, Air Liquide France Industrie

Discover this new eco-friendly process launched by DFD, a start-up supported by Air Liquide. Come and discuss about your cleaning issues for which our existing range of CO2 solutions (pellets, snow) can be a solution.


Eco-chiller, recycling frigories to save energy

Air Liquide has developed a solution for its large liquid customers having gaseous applications to take advantage of the cold generated by gasification to re-use these frigories to cool down their industrial cooling system. This solution reduces energy consumption and improves CO2 footprint.

Speaker: Patrick RIDGEWAY, Aeronautics market manager, Air Liquide Germany

Get to know this new offer reducing energy consumption and improving your environmental situation. Meet also our teams to discuss about Air Liquide results on the reduction of the carbon footprint for our main products and share your environmental concerns (VOC, energy consumption…) for which we can have solutions.